Best Investment Opportunities in Crimea

When someone mentions Crimea to someone who’s a western national, they immediately think of recent history and its political implications. No doubt, Crimea remains and politically controversial region in the minds of many. This may sound like a red flag, but in reality, this infamous peninsula has over the years proven to be politically and economically stable. Local economy has been on the rise, and those who ignore the doomsday rumours know that the region has untapped economic potential that is hard to come by in this day and age. Let’s look at some of the best ways to invest in Crimea and receive significant gains.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Thanks to the recently built Kerch Strait Bridge, Crimean real estate prices have risen substantially. A more obvious scenario is hard to imagine – any location that sees significant infrastructure investment from the government will see a spike in real estate values. A direct link to mainland Russia equals a greater flow of tourists and their money. Moreover, Crimea is brimming with so-called “wedge deals” – real estate that requires significant, time consuming, but inexpensive cosmetic renovation that will increase the property’s value up to twice the original cost of renovation. This is a fantastic way to rapidly increase your net worth in a matter of months. The renovated property can then be rented out to tourists. The prices of Crimean rentals have also become infamous, with many tourists comparing them to those of high-end European destinations. This means investment gains not only in net worth via assets, but through a relatively stable monthly cash flow.

Sports and Leisure

The warm Crimean waters attract tourists from all over Russia, which, as many Russians will agree, is famously less tropical than one would perhaps want. A beach-side location is all well and good, but it’s lure dwindles after a few days of laying under the summer sun. Russian tourists are satiated with this kind of holiday thanks to places like Turkey. They need a new, more adventurous way to spend a holiday and unwind. Watersports, such as hang gliding and kitesurfing are a fantastic way to offer tourists a day of excitement that they will show off to their friends and family. To those not looking to gain a new skill, you can offer skydiving. Less extreme? How about renting a jet ski, or offering an afternoon of scuba diving? These amenities are not developed in Crimea to their full potential. If not establishing, then being a significant shareholder in such small enterprises can pay dividends that quickly recoup the costs of the original investment.

Service Industry

Service Industry
Service Industry

The mecca of customer service is the United States; other parts of the world, including Russia, are lagging behind somewhat. This provides great capital opportunities because you don’t even need to come up with an original type of service. All you need to do is offer a similar service but at an above average level of quality or customer service. Car rental, spa treatments, restaurant service – you name it. Competition is high, but competence isn’t, which is all you need to set yourself apart. Just combine a modest initial investment and attention to detail, and you’re guaranteed success.

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