Popular Things to Do in The Crimea

The Crimea is a place that is frequently visited by Russian holidaymakers, the famous mountainous peninsula on the Black Sea has had little influence from the West in its time apart from its war history because of its strategic importance. Many nations have fought over the Crimea but in reality, this rocky peninsula is full of only Russian influences and those of the Ottoman Empire. The Crimea has rather an odd blend of Turkish and Russian cultures that makes it such a fascinating place to visit.

The Crimean Beaches

To be brutally honest the Crimea’s beaches are not some of the best in the world, for the most part they are covered in pebbles apart from a few in the south that are nice and sandy. A typical Crimean beach scene is a little chaotic, crowded and quite lascivious. There will be plenty of food and drink on display and every sort of body scantily clad. The choice of beachwear is frugal, by that only very skimpy briefs and bikinis are worn, no matter the condition of their owners. For the most part the Russian tourists and the locals love to party on the beach and it is all quite a raucous affair.

Beach Resorts

The Crimea has some classy health spa resorts with wonderful treatments available. And there are many enchanting beach towns dotted about the coast, some a little rustic but that is their charm. If you want Western European style of accommodation then you had better stick to the major towns, but for those who prefer to explore then just go with the flow. A quaint custom to advertise rooms for rent is to hand write a sign and nail it to a tree or wooden post. The best beach resorts are in and around Sevastopol, Yalta and Novyi Svit, all are only an hour or so from the capital Simferopil.


For those who are not lovers of the beach then the mountainous countryside of the Crimea is a perfect place for a bit of exercise. Novyi Svit is the place to start your adventure, situated only about 5 kilometres from Sudak, it is located at the bottom of wonderful pine forests that look down on the bay below. This area is famous for its numerous and picturesque mountain trails, there are even an abundance of vineyards to be found on your travels, so leave time for sampling one or two glasses before you move on. They produce a type of sparkling wine here that is so good that Russian royalty once spent time enjoying this type of Crimean Champagne.

The Crimea is a wonderful place, full of diverse landscapes and things to do. There is something for everybody on this unique peninsula on the Black Sea. The locals will welcome you with open arms if you take the time out to visit their homes. Expect quality food, stunning vistas and a superb climate in this hidden-away gem. You can even raise a glass of the local Champagne as you are pampered in a health spa. The choice is all yours, whatever you decide to do in this marvellous part of the world.

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