The Best Hotels in Western Crimea

Taking a holiday on the Black Sea it is a fair bet that you will consider the Crimea, it a most fascinating region to discover and to also spend a holiday with the family. Throughout history this most exciting of places attracted people from wide and far including the Venetians, Greeks and the Genoese, and in each case these people founded towns and cities and left their mark on the region.

The Crimea is probably most famous for its health resorts, perhaps for the envious mineral waters that abound, and also for its unique wines. The best time to visit the Crimea is between July and September when the weather is most clement, although it can get a little hot.


The most famous resort town in the Crimea is Yalta, which first came to fame as a hot holiday spot in the nineteenth century when a road was completed from Simferopol.


Mriya Resort & Spa – settled in the beautiful south shore of the Crimea, this resort is world class with 422 very luxurious rooms for its guests. In fact, the world-famous architect, Sir Norman Foster designed and helped build this contemporary statement. Every room has its own private balcony with breathtaking views of the Black Sea, if you wish to upgrade then there are even two presidential villas and twelve family one’s situated in the Park Zone of this fine coastal resort. Guests are truly pampered at the Mriya Resort, it has a top spa with many treatments to be had as well as four superb restaurants.

West Coast

Yevpatoria and Sake on the west coast of the Crimea are famous for soft, sandy beaches and many top resorts and hotels can be found here. Sevastopol is also to be found in the west, but really is a city more than a resort town, it is also home to Russia’s Black Sea fleet and has a large navy base.

Imperia – this hotel is famous for its health complex which is the envy of many plush reports in this part of Crimea. The hotel has many European class amenities but the star of it all is Evpatoria, the health resort and sanatorium of Imperia. This whole complex is right in the middle of Yevpatoria and only 50 meters from its own private beach. The reputation of this fine resort is not just based on the 5-star health resort but also for the wonderful food, luxurious rooms, excellent service and first class medical specialists. The Western Crimea is famous for its wonderful health resorts and fine hotels. It is also the only place on the Crimea that really has sandy beaches, the rest of the Crimea only has pebbly beaches and are not as picturesque.

The towns of Yevpatoria and Sake in particular should be visited, they offer great food and friendly hospitality. Also among the small cobbled streets you can immerse yourself in the past culture of the region and pick a bargain or two up in small bazaars and markets. This has long been a forgotten part of the world for many European tourists, but it is a wonder why.

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