The Best Hotels of the Crimea

The Crimea has undergone some turbulent times in its history, but once it was a highly popular tourist resort of the rich and famous due to its great climate and fantastic health spas. Some of the most opulent hotels in the whole of the Ukraine are situated in the Crimea and it is a place that royalty regularly rubbed shoulders with film stars and famous politicians. Here are some of the very best hotels in the Crimea, not listed in any particular order, but suffice to say they are all wonderful establishments.

Villa Elena Hotel & Residences

Standing proud in the very heart of Yalta stands the historic Villa Elena Hotel just twenty meters from the sea. The hotel is surrounded by an old evergreen park which is actually over one hundred years old, which provides peace and solitude to the guests away from the noisy city.

The hotel’s history dates back to 1912, when it was built to offer the best facilities to traveling European guests. No luxury was spared and it became highly popular with the elite set. Today Villa Elena has forty-three guest rooms and there have been some modern additions to the original building.

The hotel has a selection of very fine restaurants, an outdoor pool, and offers cooking classes taken by head chef Bogdan Parinov. The Grand Terrace is the hotel’s main dining area and is famous for its oysters and lobsters along with a fine selection of wine.

Hotel Oreanda

Another grand old hotel is Hotel Oreanda which dates back to 1907. Built in the art-nouveau style it is a perfect example of that period’s architecture. The location is superb perched up on the seaside, but it is still in the heart of glamorous Yalta.

Hotel Oreanda is a combination of old Crimea and modern times, which combine to make a fascinating functional and luxurious hotel. All one hundred and fourteen rooms are exceptionally well appointed, and some offer the best views imaginable of the Crimea Riveria.

The facilities on offer at this resort include both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a private beach, an ultimate spa and massage facility, and some of the best dining in Yalta. If you wish to push the boat out for a special treat then ask to stay in The Imperial Suite, which has its own imposing terrace and is furnished in celebration of the old Russian Empire.  

Aquamarine Resort & Spa 

We move from Yalta to Sevastopol for our last hotel choice and the grand Aquamarine Resort & Spa. This huge hotel is modern and is equipped with every facility that a tourist could possibly want.

It is located in the park zone of the city overlooking the bay, and the huge outdoor pool is a highly popular attraction. The massive hotel is split into two buildings both constructed in striking aquamarine blue which complements the pool perfectly.

There are one hundred and forty rooms that are modern and well-appointed, and the facilities include restaurants, bars, lounges, spa, indoor pool, tennis courts, along with a modern conference facility. These great hotels are just some of the fantastic accommodation that is available in The Crimea today, most of the tourists that visit at the present are from Russia, but they are definitely worth considering the next time you happen to be in this part of the world.

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