The Best Restaurants in the Crimea

The Crimea has long been the holiday destination of choice for many tourists from southern and eastern Europe due to its excellent beaches, great spa resorts and the many cultural things to do and see in the region. The legacy of former civilizations that have been and gone from this historic region has left its mark. And in one particular area, that of the Crimea’s multicultural cuisine that can be found in its many towns and cities. Some of the restaurants that can be found in the Crimea are world class and everybody including the rich and famous have visited them.

Cafe Ostrov

Situated in Sevastopol is the enchanting and dramatic Cafe Ostrov, the restaurant was given its name from the book by Vassily Aksyonov called The Island of Crimea. The restaurant is known for its brilliant Ukrainian cuisine and the marvellous chef who conjures up magnificent dishes using only the finest of ingredients. All produce is seasonal and locally sourced including the sweet onions of Yalta and the region’s homemade goat’s cheese. Cafe Ostrav has a great reputation so booking is advised, especially if you would like a table with a view of the bay.

Keslev Kyavesi

A superb Tatar-style restaurant in Yevpatoriya is one of the best diners that is serving traditional Crimean Tatar dishes. Keslev Kyavesi is also a place where you can just pop in for a kypchak tea, an unusual drink which combines milk, sugar, salt and pepper. The Turkish coffee served here is original accompanied by different sticky Tatar sweets.

Grand Cafe Chekhov

Classic Russian cuisine in this gem of a restaurant in Simferopol, the Grand Cafe Chekhov lives up to its billing and is definitely an imposing restaurant. The design is simple, clean and smart looking most relaxing to its patrons. Should you wish to sample Russian specialties then this is the place for you. The blinis are like a Russian grandmother would make and delightful with Ukha, a type of fish soup. Rustic dishes such as pan-fried pork with apples served in an iron skillet to the table are simply a delight. Grand Cafe Chekhov is definitely a blast from the past, a unique concept of fine dining but serving rustic and country cuisine.


This fine eatery in Yalta is really all about the food, Smack is an open-air restaurant / takeaway and offers great Tatar dishes at really reasonable prices. For instance, there are ten chebureki to choose from. Then indulge yourself with gut-busting shashliks simply grilled, full of succulent meat and tasty vegetables. If you prefer fish there is a fine selection of locally caught Black Sea fish, mostly just fried or grilled to give the best possible taste. Smack serves fine, simple dishes that are uncomplicated and that is the beauty of them. It is all about the produce and the taste in this unassuming restaurant.

The Crimea has some wonderful heritage to call upon when it comes to their cuisine, and the diversity of that heritage is to the benefit of the hungry diner. The cafes and restaurants of the Crimea serve up everything from 5-star food to simple rustic platters, the choice is yours.

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